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View an .slx model without Simulink

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Paul Hoffrichter
Paul Hoffrichter on 15 Jul 2022
I downloaded a free Intro SDR book from MathWorks. But the labs have .slx files. I would like to be able to view the model.
I have license for Matlab R2020a and R2022a.
I have no Simulink license. I was advised to go online, and when I pressed the Simulink button, not surprisingly, a message appeared that I don't have Simulink appeared.
I searched online and found this product:
DiffPlug unleashes Simulink's potential
It looks like it will draw the figure given a .slx file. Do you know if this is true, and whether it is safe to use?
If it is, then I hope to convert the blocks to Matlab so that I can follow the training material. I could not find any lab training material from MathWorks that just uses Matlab. (I know that there are examples, but I wanted to follow a lab setup.)

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