Capturing efficiency of a system while sweeping voltages and duty cycle parameters

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I have a simscape simulation model of a power electronics converter and I need to find the optimum parameters to achieve the best possible efficiency. I can control three parameters namely, input DC voltage, duty cycle and frequency of operation. I would like to sweep the input DC voltage from 350V to 450V and while doing this I also would like to sweep the duty cycle from 0-1 and frequency from 75kHz to 90kHz. Doing this manually will take forever and I would like to know if there is a MATLAB script or a simulink block that would help me automate this process?

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David John
David John on 18 Jul 2022
There is an example that is doing parametric sweeps like you describe:
This example also leverages the Parallel Computing Toolbox to spped up the generation of results although you can also do it serially.

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