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visual navigation of a satellite during landing on the moon , creation of the lunar scenario and visualization via unreal engine

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Hello to you all! I would like to have some advice on how to set up a visual navigation simulation problem in the lunar environment using unreal engine for viewing and creating the scenario. Visual navigation wants to be applied to the choice of the best landing site during the descent phase, possibly relying on surface scanning techniques and artificial intelligence and using images of flight simulation.
By informing me I discovered that for the visualization in Unreal Engine I could use the 'Automated Driving Toolbox' while for the visual navigation I would need a toolbox similar to the uav toolbox for the 3d simulation of the cameras, but for satellite applications.
My questions are as follows:
- Can I create a custom unreal engine scenario and export it to matlab for simulation?
- Are there any special toolboxes for modelling a satellite that have similar functionality to the uav toolbox? If not, what path should I follow?
Any advice on how to approach the problem is welcome. Thanks in advance for the answers :)

Accepted Answer

Jianxin Sun
Jianxin Sun on 13 Jul 2022
Hi Simone,
You could try to use custom mesh feature in UAV toolbox ( to create a platform with satellite mesh and attach a camera to it for simlation purpose.
For modeling satellite dyanamics and control, maybe consider aerospace blockset and control toolbox.

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