only one simulink control two arduino mega2560

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Hi, I want only one simulink browser, control two arduino mega2560
but arduino mega only 3 interrupt pin so I want using 4 interrupt pin than I must using 2 ardubio mega2560
problem is one simulink brower only using one arduino so I can't using 4 interrupt pin.
someone solve this problem, please remain me...

Answers (1)

M.B on 13 Jul 2022
Connecting two arduinos to Simulink is not easy. Could you explain what you are trying to achieve?
FYI, Arduino Mega 2560 has 6 interrupt pins: 2,3,18,19,20,21
M.B on 1 Aug 2022
You could use one Arduino as Master and the second a slave.
Computer -> (usb cable) -> Arduino1 -> (digital or analog pins) -> Arduino2
Motor 1 & 2 Motor 3 & 4
If Arduino is not critical to your design, you can use an ESP32. This board is dual core and has up to 32 interupts per core. You can program it using Arduino IDE.

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