save two variables using num2str

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Ham Man
Ham Man on 11 Jul 2022
Commented: Stephen23 on 12 Jul 2022
I want to save two variables using num2str, but I get error. what is wrong with this?
pathdatasave = (['D:\testa\ty' num2str(ty_c) '\']);
save([pathdatasave 'test_x' num2str(x1) '_y' num2str(y1) '.mat'],['varx' num2str(x1) ,'vary' num2str(y1)]);

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Answers (1)

Stephen23 on 11 Jul 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 12 Jul 2022
"what is wrong with this?"
  1. Forcing meta-data (pseudo-indices) into variable names, thus making your code slow and complex.
  2. Forcing code into one line, when clarity is actually more important (as this question demonstrates).
  3. Two variable names must be supplied as two inputs to SAVE (not concatenated together as you are doing):
varx1 = 33;
vary2 = 444;
P = '.';
F = fullfile(P,sprintf('test_x%d_y%d.mat',x1,y1));
N1 = sprintf('varx%d',x1);
N2 = sprintf('vary%d',y1);
% ^^ ^^ two variable names == two inputs, not one like you did!
whos -file test_x1_y2.mat
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes varx1 1x1 8 double vary2 1x1 8 double
So, everything works exactly as documented and expected.

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