TI F28386D does not support HRPWM module HRPWM9

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Dear mathwork team
I use Embedded Coder Support Package for TI C2000 for TI F28386D
But when i use epwm block i can't choose ePWM9 to ePWM16.
Callback string is 'c280xpwm_callback('InitFcn');
codertarget.registry.registerPiccoloPWMBlocks(gcb); '
Caused by: F28386D does not support HRPWM module HRPWM9.
I refer on F28386D datasheet. F28386D can use ePWM9 to ePWM16.
How i can select epwm ePWM9 to ePWM16? please support me!

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Debraj Maji
Debraj Maji on 26 Oct 2023
I see that you are unable to select ePWM-16 for f28386D. This was a bug in the previous version which has been resolved in the subsequent releases. I have attached an image confirming the correction. To resolve the error, you can update the support package to the latest supported version.
For more information regarding the C2000 microcontroller blockset you can refer to the following documentation: C2000 Microcontroller Blockset — Blocks (mathworks.com)


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