How to mask a data using the contour closed line?

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I have a lower resolution data. If I do masking using shapefile some portion around the boundary is getting cut. I just want to mention I don't want to interpolate.
Therefore, I am looking a for a solution where I can mask the data using contour lines itself. Regardless of whether a whole/half pixel coming inside of it. I want to show even a small portion of the pixel coming inside of it. I also don't want to show anything outisde the contour line.
I hope you could understand what I am looking for. You can see a figure attached below. You could see a Indian boundary contour, I just want to make outside that region white insider the rectangle box. Other things (colorbar,xticks,yticks) I want to keep at it's.
Looking forward to your suggestion.
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

KSSV on 10 Jul 2022
Read about inpolygon. Using this you can get the indices lying inside and outside the closed shape. Using tese indices you can make the puter points NaN and the plot.
Subhodh Sharma
Subhodh Sharma on 11 Jul 2022
@Image Analyst This is simple contourf plot (i.e., contourf(lon,lat,data)). And the black outline is just line plot made using plot function (like plot(lon,lat)).

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