Mask R-CNN Example does not work

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Thomas Cimiega
Thomas Cimiega on 3 Jul 2022
Commented: tao wang on 6 Jul 2022
If I run the code on my computer (M2021a and b) as well as the "Try this example"-Button on the page, I get the following issue in line 4:
pretrained = load(fullfile(dataFolder,"maskrcnn_object_person_car_v2.mat"));
Unable to find file or directory 'C:\Users\thoma\AppData\Local\Temp\coco\maskrcnn_object_person_car_v2.mat'.
I looked into the directory and it seems to be a typo in either the example or the .mat file on the server: the load function downloaded
If I try to load it, I get:
Warning: Variable 'net' originally saved as a maskrcnn cannot be instantiated as an object and will be read in as a
Edit: I was not aware that I am able to update to 2022a (I have a student license). I will retry it with 2022a and provide an update.

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Thomas Cimiega
Thomas Cimiega on 3 Jul 2022
Okay, I managed to install and try it with M2022a and it seems to work. Nevertheless the problem still exists for M2021x users.
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tao wang
tao wang on 6 Jul 2022
Excuse me, how can I replace it with my own dataset for training?

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