Modeling RG220 coaxial cable using a PI section line

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I have two parallel RG-220/u coaxial cables which go to a magnet load from a pulse forming network. I recently found out that I can use the "Power Line Parameters Tool" block in "PowerGUI". However, I was not able to input most of the parameters on this block from the datasheet (attached below).

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 9 Aug 2022
the power line parameters tool box determines paramter predominantly from geometry, and doesn't need all information on the data sheet. However, it is still a simplification of a transmission line. If you need more options, here are some other examples, although you would need to change from using specialized power systems to using simscape. Your application will really determine how accurate your model needs to be. In some cases, a resistor and inductor in series is good enough to model a line, and other times you need something that is frequency dependent. It really depends on what type of analysis that you need to do.

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