Too Many Input Arguments - I am new to matlab and not sure how to solve this

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function [h] = thesis(t)
% Oil/Brine Systems Main Characteristics
%% Oil/Water System at 30C (Paraffin)
mu1 = 3.8; % Viscosity in mPa.s-1
rho_O1 = 797; % Oil Density in kg/m3
rho_B1 = 998; % Brine Density in kg/m3
IFT1 = 21; % Interfacial Tension mN/m
g = 9.81; % m2/s
% Concentration for this system is 80ppm
%% Oil/Water System at 40C (Crude Oil A)
mu2 = 5; % Viscosity in mPa.s-1
rho_O2 = 833; % Oil Density in kg/m3
rho_B2 = 994; % Brine Density in kg/m3
IFT2 = 5; % Interfacial Tension mN/m
% Concentration for this system is 200ppm
%% Oil/Water System at 50C (Crude Oil B)
mu3 = 6; % Viscosity in mPa.s-1
rho_O3 = 834; % Oil Density in kg/m3
rho_B3 = 989; % Brine Density in kg/m3
IFT3 = 3; % Interfacial Tension mN/m
% Concentration for this system is 200ppm
%% Oil/Water System at 60C (Crude Oil C)
mu4 =4.9; % Viscosity in mPa.s-1
rho_O4 = 826; % Oil Density in kg/m3
rho_B4 = 985; % Brine Density in kg/m3
IFT4 = 1; % Interfacial Tension mN/m
%Concentration for this system is 200ppm
nd = 1000; % No. of Droplets
Vol = 900; % Liquid volume of emulsion (ml)
l = 0.5; % Mean Distance between droplets
alpha = 0.08; % Empirical Collision Effiency Parameter
D0 = 300; % Initial Droplet Diameter (microns)
%% Sedimentation interface, hs: dhs/dt
Pr0 = ((nd*pi*D0^3)/6)/Vol; % Initial Volume Fraction of droplet
Prm = ((nd*pi*((D0+l)^3))/6)/Vol; % Maximum Volume Fraction of droplet
delrho1 = rho_B2 - rho_O2; % difference between the dispersed water and continuous oil phase
Vsto = (delrho1*g*(D0^2))/18*mu2; % Settling Velocity of Hard Spheres (stoke's velocity)
fPr = (1-Pr0)^5.3; % Dimensionless
x1 = 60; % (hs - hd) in mm, guessed value
K1 = ((2/3)*alpha*((Vsto^2)/D0))*((fPr^2)/((Prm/fPr)^1/3)-1);
h = x1*(K1*t-(Vsto*fPr));
I tried everything to figure this out but dont understand what I can do again. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. thanks

Accepted Answer

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 29 Jun 2022
Try fixing these lines
function dhdt = thesis(t, h)
dhdt = x1*(K1*t-(Vsto*fPr));
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 29 Jun 2022
Edited: Sam Chak on 29 Jun 2022
If h is really the height of the column. and this line
dhdt = x1*(K1*t-(Vsto*fPr));
and its depending parameters correctly describe the differential equation (how h will change according to time t), then the following MATLAB code should give a result:
tspan = [0 180];
h0 = 240;
[t, h] = ode45(@thesis, tspan, h0);
plot(t, h)
If the result is incorrect (obvious because h exploded to ), something must be incorrect in your thesis function file. Please check at least x1, K1, Vsto, fPr.
x1 = 60; % (hs - hd) in mm, guessed value
K1 = ((2/3)*alpha*((Vsto^2)/D0))*((fPr^2)/((Prm/fPr)^1/3)-1)
K1 = 1.3125e+119 - 4.2645e+118i
At least, mathematically I understand if , then will explode.
Matthew Charles
Matthew Charles on 29 Jun 2022
I understand what you mean here, especially for the values derived for K1, I will review once more and ensure all the formulas for the function is indeed correct. Thank you so much for your assistance

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Saksham Gupta
Saksham Gupta on 29 Jun 2022
As per my understanding of your query, you are getting error in using function 'ode45'.
From the error logs, I can say that 'ode' function in ode45 is getting more arguments than the parameters defined for it.
Upon inspection of code, I realized that 'ode' is nothing but the function handle of 'thesis' function which you are passing.
Your function 'thesis' is expected to accept y0 (which you are passing as [240] to ode45).
If you change the very first line to:
function [h] = thesis (t, y0)
you can get the output.
To explore more about ode45, you may refer the documentation




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