How to call mlapp with input arguments (In the startupfunction) from another m script ?

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I created an mlapp in the app designer and i gave it an input argument. Now I want to start the mlapp in another script. I succeded in this by just writing the name of the script in the editor but i dont know how to include the input argument that is needed for the mlapp to properly function. Is there anyway to do this? When I wrote the name of mlapp in the editor with input argument (For example like this mlapp1(pathToSomething)) it doesnt start and when I stop the editor multiple instances of the app start appearing and i need to shut matlab down to stop it. But when i just write the name of the mlapp without the input, this does not happen. So is there anyway to do this or am I doing something wrong here.

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Saksham Gupta
Saksham Gupta on 27 Jun 2022
As per my understanding, you are unable to pass 'path' as an input argument in your mlapp.
I am using R2022a and I am able to pass a path as an input argument perfectly to my mlapp.
My code is as following:
app1("C:\Users\sakshamg ")
You may please specify the exact path which you are sending and if possible, do share your code so that I can help more.

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