how to do the matrix value comparison of two different iterations ?

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Akash Pal
Akash Pal on 22 Jun 2022
Commented: Akash Pal on 23 Jun 2022
fun [ …… …. ]= mainfun [………………….]
while iteration<maxiterationno
some parameter and their calculation
[ ]=subfun1 [];
[ ,out2 ]=subfun2[];
maybe from subfun2 I will get one output called out2 ,I want to do the comparison of iteration number i and iteration i+1 ,if iteration i+1 give me better solution like the summation of any specific column value is greater than the ith iteration then my iteration should be stop and it will show me the best solution value .

Accepted Answer

Karim on 22 Jun 2022
yes, you can do this like you say by saving the best result and updating it at each iteration
i tried to update the pseudo code to give you the idea
function [] = mainfun()
iteration = 0;
old_out2 = 0;
c = 2; % column to check
while iteration < max_iteration
% increase the counter
iteration = iteration + 1;
% some parameter and their calculation
[] = subfun1();
[, out2] = subfun2();
if iteration == 1
% at the first iteration save the result
old_out2 = out2;
% for all other iterations, check if the new result is bigger
if sum( old_out2(:,c) ) < sum( out2(:,c) )
% if so break the loop

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