How to store value in the table using looping

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Yew Jen Chong
Yew Jen Chong on 22 Jun 2022
Commented: Yew Jen Chong on 24 Jun 2022
I want to store data in a table using looping. I am trying to store all the value of each iteration in the table but it can only store the values of the last iteration. The coding below is what I tried.
for n = 1:3
Table.Data_A = DataA;
Table.Data_B = DataB;
Table.Data_C = DataC;
Table(n,;) = Table;
I will appreciate if someone can help me.
Thank you.

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Karim on 22 Jun 2022
Edited: Karim on 23 Jun 2022
hello, below you can find an example on how to store data in a table in a loop
numLoop = 10; % indicate the number of loops...
numCol = 3; % indicate the number of columns for the table...
% generate some random data
DataA = 1:numLoop;
DataB = rand(numLoop,1);
DataC = ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J"];
% allocate the table
varTypes = ["double","double","string"]; % data type for each column
varNames = ["DataA","DataB","DataC"]; % variable name for each column
MyTable = table('Size',[numLoop numCol],'VariableTypes',varTypes,'VariableNames',varNames);
% perfom the loop
for n = 1:numLoop
% store data in the table
MyTable(n,:) = {DataA(n), DataB(n), DataC(n)};
% display the result
Edit: next to the orginal example, i also added modified the code with the later added example data and script, see attachment
@Yew Jen Chong: the code is to slow to run here, however below you can find the print screens of the result run locally (the code is in attachement)
and the remainder of the table...

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Yew Jen Chong
Yew Jen Chong on 23 Jun 2022
There are some errors when I tried on my side. Would you like to help me correct my mistake?
I have attached the files.
Thank you so much for your help.
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Karim on 23 Jun 2022
see the changes to the original answer, you can comment there ;) No need to create a new 'answer'

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