how can i know if x position of a vector is empty?

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im trying this to know if that element(1,2) is empty or zero, to make a decision from that condition
if (ps1(1,2))==0
i was watching function like isempty or ismissing but its doesnt works.
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per isakson
per isakson on 21 Jun 2022
IMO, never use the function length(M) when M is an array. With vectors its ok. Use size(M,1) and size(M,2), respectively.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Jun 2022
Element (1,2) of a numerical array will never be empty. It can't be. A whole array can be empty, or you can set a whole column or row of a matrix to null ([]) which will delete the column or row, but then it will be gone and the array will be smaller. It will not be empty.
To determine if that element is 0 you can simply do
if ps(1,2) == 0
% That element is 0.

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Karan Kannoujiya
Karan Kannoujiya on 21 Jun 2022
Hi Erick,
So you want to check whether a element is ps1(in your case) is 0 or not.
So, isempty or ismissing function will not work here. Because 0 is itself a element. If in a vector there is 0 it doesn't mean it is empty or missing. For checking a vector element for 0 then you must check by indexing as you have done.
therefore, isempty function is used to check if a memory location is allocated whether there is an element present or not.
for e.g lets take a string str=["abc" "xyz" ""]
So, in str at pos 3 we have allocated memory but there is no element present there

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