Can i install a new toolbox without interruping other users' applications?

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I've been put in temporary administrative command of a multiuser machine. There are several ML projects running on it by other folks, and another user requested a new toolbox. If i remember, the installer closes the current (my) session to complete the install and I just wanted to check whether it will close other users' matlab instances.
Can i install the new toolbox without interruping other users' applications?
Will installing a toolbox on a multiuser system close other users' instances?
(Best to check first rather than potentially lose about 2 weeks of computation.)
glnxa64 R2020a

Accepted Answer

jessupj on 20 Jun 2022
the answer is yes by default, by testing on a different system. Installing via GUI only closes down THAT session and has no effect on any other processes.
Likewise, installing toolboxes via the matlab installer (which doesn't require pointing to a license for sudo) does not seem to impact any currently-running instances of matlab/simulink.
I did not check whether sessions running during install have immediate access (possibly by adding a new path manually), or if the session has to be restarted/re-initialized for the license to allow use of the added toolbox.

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