calculate intensity of a part of images

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Ham Man
Ham Man on 17 Jun 2022
Edited: Ham Man on 17 Jun 2022
I have sequence of gray scale images (35000 images) with the size of 2048X700 and 12bit. I want to calculate the intensity of a part of images (e.g. from x=600px to x=800px). we know the intensity changes in each sequence in this region of images. How can I calculate the intensity of this region in each sequence and then have one image as aresult showing total intensity of this region?
I trully appreciate any help.

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KSSV on 17 Jun 2022
Edited: KSSV on 17 Jun 2022
imgs = dir('*.jpg') ; % give the image extension
N = length(imgs) ; % Number of images
iwant = cell(N,1) ; % save the extracted part of image
idx = 600:800 ; % indices of x for which pixles to be extracted
for i = 1:N
img = imgs(i).name ; % name of each image
I = imread(img) ; % Read the image
iwant{i} = I(idx,:,:) ; % save the extracted part
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Ham Man
Ham Man on 17 Jun 2022
for iwant the index exceeds the array bound!
here is a sample of image and I want to save the image intensity inside the yellow region for all images.
error code: Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
img = imgs(i).name ;

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