Find curve intersection points in lat lon between rivers and satellite traces on a map

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Hello, I have a set of (lon,lat) points defining the course of a river. Then I also have a set of (lon, lat) points defining the traces of satellite measurements on-ground. All are discrete finite points but of course both are in reality continuous (e.g. the river has infinite points). I want to find the intersections between both curves. It seems to be a curve intersection problem solvable with polyxpoly, but I get erratic intersections which do not make sense. Maybe because the satellite traces are not really a 'curve'? It seems so, it closes the curves of the traces which gives the erratic points
I attach a mat file with exemplary lat lon data to intersect. The provided river in fact does not intersect the satellite traces, but instead I get one invalid one. Thank you
Albert Zurita
Albert Zurita on 15 Jun 2022
Yes in this case there is no intersection. But using polyxpoly i get one point in the river. Can you plot the red dots instead with a line? There is why I find a fake intersection

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KSSV on 15 Jun 2022

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