Matlab Fundamentals course: Task 1 from paragraph 15.1

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Hello ,
I just finished the Matlab Fundamentals course, but, unfortunately, I didn't manage to complete the exercises from paragraph 15.1.
Even if I copy and paste the suggested solution and submit the job, I get an error in Task 1 (please see the attached image), so that I cannot go ahead to task 2. This problem causes the current percentage of course completion to be stuck at 99%.
Could you please help me understanding where is the problem?
pls explain step by step
pls explain step by step
pls explain step by step
Soniya Jain
Soniya Jain on 14 Jun 2022
Can you please share the complete question as it's not completely visible in the screenshot you attached?
Also you can take help from "Hint" and "See Solution" if you are stuck somewhere.

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Answers (1)

Abhijeet on 17 Jun 2022
I understand that you are doing “MATLAB Fundamentals” training and want to create a local function in a script.
According to the task mentioned in that course, you have been given a piece of code and you need to convert it to a local function and call the local function to get the proper result. I suggest you revisit the course and resume the module. Over there, you will find out the code snippet in the Task 1 section. I suggest you, follow the instructions mentioned in the background section of Task 1 and create local function out of the code snippet.
For more information, kindly follow the documentation links provided below:


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