Getting output from an app into the calling workspace

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I have a MatLAB script that runs fine. I want to add a GUI at the front of the app to make it easier for the user. I am using appdesigner for the GUI. The MatLAB script calls the app at the beginning. This part works ok. The app lets the user select an entry, a number from a drop down list, and store it in the app's workspace in a variable called numSelect. The drop down list is populated fine and when I select an entry from the drop down list it is stored fine in numSelect. I cannot figure out how to get the selected number, numSelect, from the app's workspace into the workspace of the calling script. I have searched the community forums and MatLAB help but have not found how to do this.
dpb on 9 Jun 2022
A function will return its return variable when it terminates -- have the app terminate and return to the command line when the function completes its work.
Scripts are to be avoided, anyways...except for just playing at the command line.

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Benjamin Kraus
Benjamin Kraus on 9 Jun 2022
This question has been asked before, and there are a few different answers threads with ideas for how to do this. Here are two:
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George Pavlath
George Pavlath on 13 Jun 2022
AFter some digging at the links and some trial and error, I was able to get an app to output data to teh calling script. The app acts as a GUI.

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