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want to download files from dropbox to a local computer using websave

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I am trying to set up a project for distribution that will need a large number of files from my dropbox account. These files can be in several shared folders. i have tried to use a submission from Matlab Central called 'downloadFromDropbox' and I can not get it to work because I am not familiar with writing dropbox apps. Is there a way to do this directly from Matlab not using this script?
Another possibility would be to use a python script but the intended audience may not have that so I would like a pure matlab solution

Answers (1)

Vinod on 9 Jun 2022
The MATLAB function on FileExchange is a pure MATLAB solution and does not require you to write Dropbox apps. Please install the addon in MATLAB and type in ">>help downloadFromDropbox" for instructions on how to use it.
Stephen Forczyk
Stephen Forczyk on 9 Jun 2022
The function requires a token from dropbox-I followed the instructions to create a dropbox app to get a toke.
When I execute the function it obviously reads the token and the files names I want to retrieve. When it actually tries to retrieve it that is when things break down. Is there anyway I could send you my calling file and this routine to see if you could execute it.

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