Create and Deploy Interactive Dashboard on Arduino - Adafruit ILI9341

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I am working on an Arduino project which required a TFT graphics display to show some data (touch response not critical). I checked all the documents in relations to Arduino Hardware support and came across follwings support pages that talk about using Adafruit ILI9341 Graphics display:
However when I setup my simulink project with said configuration, I don't see a "Display Properties" under Model Settings -> Target Hardware Resources -> Groups.
I was wondering if Mathworks has removed support for this hardware or am I missing something?
BTW, the open_system('arduino_dashboard_deploy') command does not work on my Matlab 2020a version either.

Accepted Answer

Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 1 Jun 2022
Hi Prashant,
Support for graphical displays was added in 21a.
Please use MATLAB R2021a or newer version to use this feature.

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