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Failed to start a parallel pool in matlab2021b

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Starting parallel pool (parpool) using the 'local' profile ...
错误使用 parpool (第 146 行)
Parallel pool failed to start with the following error. For more detailed information, validate the profile
'local' in the Cluster Profile Manager.
错误使用 parallel.internal.pool.AbstractInteractiveClient>iThrowWithCause (第 305 行)
Failed to initialize the interactive session.
错误使用 parallel.internal.pool.AbstractInteractiveClient>iThrowIfBadParallelJobStatus (第 426 行)
The interactive communicating job failed with no message.

Answers (1)

Prateekshya on 9 Nov 2023
Hi 善智 许,
As per my understanding, you are unable to start the parallel pool with "local" cluster.
The error suggests that mostly there is some configuration issue. Please verify the profile configuration is correct. If the issue is still not resolved, try updating MATLAB or using a different cluster.
I hope it helps!


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