Converting string to function/number

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Luqman Hadiwinata
Luqman Hadiwinata on 26 May 2022
Hello, sorry to bother your time. So in this case, my problem is, i'm trying to design an app using app designer that can take user input in string and convert it into numbers. However, when i try to use some mathematical function like 'sin, cos, exp' etc, as an input, i want those strings to be converted into the mathematical function as they were stated. How can i achieve this?
Luqman Hadiwinata
Luqman Hadiwinata on 2 Jun 2022
Hi Stephen, thank you for your answer. However i still have 1 question, if i want to add a time domain to my function, like:
t = 0:10:20000
rt = exp(t/10000).*cos(pi*t/500)
how can i achive this? by the way, thank you again for your answer

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Answers (3)

Rik on 26 May 2022
The way to avoid eval in this case is to use str2func:
ans = -1

David Hill
David Hill on 26 May 2022
Look at eval function (normally not recommended).

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 May 2022
matlabFunction is commonly used together with str2sym()

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