Content of uiFigure lost when using savefig()

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Hello there,
lately I have been working with uifigures in the following setting:
I run some experiments with a Matlab script which produces a lot of figures. Therefore, I created a uifigure with some Tab-Groups where I can present my experiment results in a nice way (see the picture below).
These experiments take a long time to run through so I don't want to run it every time anew but I would like to be able to save the uiFigure once it is presented as depicted. I tried some of the following code to do that
hgsave(fig, 'saved_figure_hgsave')
function fig = make_ui()
% this function produces my uiFigure
fig = uifigure;
% Here is some code:
% ...
However, loading the saved figure is disappointing as all the content seems to be lost (see the picture below).
Did I miss something when saving the figure or is there no such way to save the figure for later use?
Any help is very much appreciated,
Here is my implementation:
  • A Matlab sctipt 'run_experiments.m'
  • A Matlab class 'simulation_results.m'

Accepted Answer

Jason on 21 Jul 2022
Edited: Jason on 21 Jul 2022
Hi Daniel. I dont have a solution but I have run into a similar issue where I have a uigridlayout on a uifigure and it doesn't open properly. I have contacted Matlab support and they have indicated its a bug and are currently looking into it

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