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How to create a running window in matlab that can take the data saved in .mat file and can fed into the simulink model at every 0.5 sec time step ?

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I am working on fault detection in power system using ANN in matlab/simulink. I have already collected the input data (fault coefficients m, n, p, q) and output data (fault type AG, BG, CG, AB, BC, CA, ABG, BCG, CAG, ABC, ABCG faults where A, B, C are the three phases and G is the ground) using wavelet transforms code. I have already trained my input and output data in ANN and I have generated the ANN blockset. Now I have to detect the fault in power system transmission line and identify the fault type using ANN on running mode. The running mode includes, collecting the fault current from the faulted portion in transmission line and giving it to the wavelet code and wavelet code will generate the fault coefficients and will give to the ANN controller and ANN controller will identify the correct fault type. For this I have to write a code for this running window, which can take some data at every 0.5 sec time step and give it to the wavelet code and wavelet code can generate the fault coefficients and fed to the ANN controller. Again for the next 0.5 time step, it will take next few data and in this way the procedue repeats. Can anyone atleast suggest me how to write the code for this running window (syntax for the code) ?

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