How to check if a key is pressed in each iteration in simulink?

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Hi, I am controlling a system using simulink (analog input and output of real time toolbox) in which at each iteration I need to check if a key (for example "L" is pressed) and if the is key is pressed then the system do some extra things, For example I can create an embedded block and use an "if" statement to check if the "L" key is pressed. BUT I DO NOT know how to have access to key variable. by the way, "input" command is of NO use because it cease the simulation. Please help me out.

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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 3 Oct 2011
I don't think this functionality is available in MATLAB, but you should be able to find an OS-specific API in C/C++ that lets you query this. For example, see Windows API Reference.
Once you have found the appropriate function, you can write a simple S-function to call into the API during simulation, or use the coder.ceval (formerly eml.ceval) directives to generate code that calls into the appropriate function from an (Embedded) MATLAB Function block.

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