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Point to Images in App Folder

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Hi everyone,
I'm currently trying to solve the annoying issue of images in my app not loading as the code cannot find them.
I am working with github and everytime I open the app or redownload the folder with the icons in it, I have to manually tell within the app design screen, where to browse to find those images. Obviously I have to find a way to fix this for when people will download this folder in the future and won't have access to the editor.
So, assuming the images will be in the same folder as the app when downloaded, what;s the best way to point to them?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 10 May 2022
Edited: Kevin Holly on 10 May 2022
I would suggest packaging your app before sharing it with others. See more information here.
Alternatively, you could add the image as the Icon programmatically and use the full file path using fullfile, but I would suggest packaging your app.
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Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli on 10 May 2022
Thanks, I agree packaging it would fix the issue. That said, as we're still developing this, it would be more of use if one had access to the app file itself for debugging and such.

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