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I have a
table 'T'
with a column variable named 'rank', which includes categorical numbers: from 1 to 3.
I want to check if the 'rank' numbers are below or equal to 2. I do that with this:
i12 = (str2num(char(T.rank)) <= 2);
I need help with the following:
If i12 is True, then I want to reassign the rank to be '2'.
So, in the end, I have the variable 'rank' going from 2 to 3.
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Rik on 10 May 2022
Edited: Rik on 10 May 2022
I recovered the removed content from the Google cache (something which anyone can do). Editing away your question is very rude. Someone spent time reading your question, understanding your issue, figuring out the solution, and writing an answer. Now you repay that kindness by ensuring that the next person with a similar question can't benefit from this answer.
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Accepted Answer

Clay Swackhamer
Clay Swackhamer on 9 May 2022
% Define the table
T = table;
T.rank = [1,3,2,4,2,5,1,3,2,4]';
T.rank = categorical(T.rank);
% Create another column to store the 2s
T.updatedRank = 2*ones(height(T),1);
T.updatedRank = categorical(T.updatedRank);
% Find values <= 2
ix = str2num(char(T.rank)) <= 2; % True for rank 1 and 2
% Replace values
T.rank(ix) = T.updatedRank(ix)
% Get rid of updated rank column (optional)
% T.updatedRank = [];

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