How can I know y value after smoothing data function?

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I do have two vetors of recorded data. X is time a Y is volume. I have made curve fitting with that looks like this.
smoothed = fit(ZS_exspir_time,ZS_minute_vent_weight,'smoothingspline','SmoothingParam',0.001)
Vector of time (x axis) is for example: [7, 8.9, 9.6, 10.8, 12.7]. And I would like to the value of volume (y) when time is exatly 10. I don't know how to get the certain value from function?
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Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark on 7 May 2022
I don't use the Curve Fitting Toolbox, but have used the MATLAB similar functions. According to this help page there should be a return from 'fit' that shows the piecewise spline data to allow computing y at time 10:

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Jonas on 7 May 2022
you can use feval() to evaluate your fitobject called 'smoothed' in your case.
see also for details

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