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Show tick marks/grid/axes on top of plot

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Hi everyone,
I'm currently plotting a polarscatter plot with a LOT of data on it. Therefore, the data obscures the entirety of the y-axis and the grid. Is there any way to force the axes on top of the graph, or even just the y axis labels and grid?

Accepted Answer

Voss on 6 May 2022
Here's a start, maybe. You can find other PolarAxes properties you might need to tweak, and fine-tune them similarly.
set(gca(), ...
'Layer','top', ...
'LineWidth',2, ...
'FontWeight','bold', ...
'GridAlpha',1, ...
'MinorGridAlpha',1, ...
'RColor',[0 0 0], ...
'ThetaColor',[0 0 0]);

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