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How do I start counting when below a threshold and stop counting above the same threshold in a timeseries?

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I modeled wind speed data for a whole year and now I want to count the amount of consecutive hours that the wind is below a certain threshold. I have to find out the maximum consecutive hours of wind below that threshold. The arrows show the possible longest periods below a threshold of 2. How can I find out which period is the longest and how long it is?
Thanks in advance!

Answers (2)

Umang Pandey
Umang Pandey on 6 Oct 2023
Hi Hans,
I understand that you want to count the number of consecutive hours based on a certain threshold.
The following MATLAB Answer where the user wants to count the number of times the signal is above certain threshold, might be of help:

Fabio Freschi
Fabio Freschi on 6 Oct 2023
Below you can find a possible solution that does not require any toolbox
% signal length
N = 100;
% threshold
t = 0.5;
% your signal
x = rand(N,1);
% plot
figure, hold on
plot([1 N],[t t])
% find values below threshold
y = x < t;
% plot
% find changes in vector y
f = find(diff([0; y; 0] == 0));
% start indices of consecutive values below threshold
s = f(1:2:end);
% count the number of consecutive values below threshold
c = f(2:2:end)-s;
% report on plot


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