Finding elements in string or cell array with common strings

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Saeid on 25 Apr 2022
Commented: Saeid on 27 Apr 2022
Consider two arrays A & B:
A={'blah_12_blah' 'blah_456_blah' 'blah_789_blah' 'blah_NPQZ_blah'}
B={'blah_NPQZ_blah' 'blah_135_blah' 'blah_579_blah' 'blah_12_blah' 'blah_RSTX_blah'}
The termn 'blah' basically refers to any string that comes before and after the parts of interest and each 'blah' could be a different string.
I would like to compare these two arrays and fine only the members that have the "part of interest" in common. In this case it means that after comparing A & B, only the elements 'blah_12_blah' and 'blah_NPQZ_blah' will show up as output, since these elements have the parts '12' and 'NPQZ' incommon, no matter what their respective 'blah' parts are.

Accepted Answer

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 25 Apr 2022
A={'blah_12_blah' 'blah_456_blah' 'blah_789_blah' 'blah_NPQZ_blah'}
A = 1×4 cell array
{'blah_12_blah'} {'blah_456_blah'} {'blah_789_blah'} {'blah_NPQZ_blah'}
B={'blah_NPQZ_blah' 'blah_135_blah' 'blah_579_blah' 'blah_12_blah' 'blah_RSTX_blah'}
B = 1×5 cell array
{'blah_NPQZ_blah'} {'blah_135_blah'} {'blah_579_blah'} {'blah_12_blah'} {'blah_RSTX_blah'}
A_partofinterest = extractBetween(A,'_','_')
A_partofinterest = 1×4 cell array
{'12'} {'456'} {'789'} {'NPQZ'}
B_partofinterest = extractBetween(B,'_','_')
B_partofinterest = 1×5 cell array
{'NPQZ'} {'135'} {'579'} {'12'} {'RSTX'}
A_new = A(ismember(A_partofinterest,B_partofinterest))
A_new = 1×2 cell array
{'blah_12_blah'} {'blah_NPQZ_blah'}
B_new = B(ismember(B_partofinterest,A_partofinterest))
B_new = 1×2 cell array
{'blah_NPQZ_blah'} {'blah_12_blah'}

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