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Thingspeak 301 Error with NodeMCU (ESP8266) [writing to multiple channels]

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Hi I am posting/writing some real time data to multiple fields of multiple channels (4)with help of ESP8266 Wifi Module, but after some time thingspeak returns me 301 error.
I tried with Office Wifi as well Mobile Hotspot the issue persists.
In office we have a static IP based dual band connection.
Please let me know, what to do to remove this error.
I tried reintialising the connection with ThingSpeak.begin(client); whenever this error comes but no help.
Please let me know how to remove the issue , as I am at critical junction of an important project and this is the only roadblock that I have.

Accepted Answer

Vinod on 22 Apr 2022
Edited: Vinod on 22 Apr 2022
I believe this is because of DNS caching somewhere on your end. See this thread for information. Also see this thread, which gets a bit more technical about how often DNS caches are invalidated.
My question to you is - how often are you making these requests? Does powering your device off, waiting at least 60 seconds and powering it back on result in 200 responses that then become 301's within a few seconds? Have you had a chance to check your router config for how long it caches the DNS records, specifically for ?
Ways to get the DNS TTL are described here. Please share the TTL number you see for
One of your earlier questions was about MQTT. Did you migrate away from using the MQTT interface to using the REST API? Why?
Vinod on 23 Apr 2022
Edited: Vinod on 23 Apr 2022
I think you may need to use the method described in this post to for an invalidation of the local cache on the esp8266.
Siddharth Lotia
Siddharth Lotia on 27 Apr 2022
Hey apologies for delayed response I was OOO.
Is there any other way, cuz this is not clear to me.

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