Gather specially vector satisfied the condition

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Yeachan Choi
Yeachan Choi on 21 Apr 2022
Commented: Yeachan Choi on 21 Apr 2022
I want to gather specially vector that satisfied the condition :
x_1n = 1.5*randn(1,np); x_n = [x_1n; 0.5*(x_1n+randn(1,np))]; X = [x_1,...,x_100]
How can I put in 100 of vector in X in MATLAB? (like creating vector space?)

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 21 Apr 2022
X = zeros(np) ;
x = 1.5*randn(np,1);
for i = 2:np
X(:,i) = 0.5*(X(:,i-1)+randn(np,1));
Yeachan Choi
Yeachan Choi on 21 Apr 2022
And I think It's right your first answer, because I can see in matlab that x_n is 2*100, and X is 100*100 thank you very much.

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