How to use logic operators in Image Processing

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Badar Ali
Badar Ali on 20 Apr 2022
Answered: DGM on 22 Apr 2022
How to use “bitand” to reduce the gray levels in the image to 16, 4 and 2.
How to use “bitxor” to calculate the negative of the image.
How to use “bitcmp” to invert all the bits of each pixel of the image.
How to use “bitor” to make 7 bit (MSB) of each pixel true (or 1) in the 8-bit image matrix and store it at the corresponding location of the new image matrix of same size and display new image.
Badar Ali
Badar Ali on 21 Apr 2022
I dont know how to exactly implement these. Firstly for the bitand operator we need 2 images, first one would be the orignal image what about the second image would it be a mask or orignal image converted to bits. And how would we change the grey levels exactly!

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Answers (1)

DGM on 22 Apr 2022
This should be a start.
% read the image
A = imread('cameraman.tif');
% quantize intensity
G2 = bitand(A,uint8(128));
G4 = bitand(A,uint8(255-63));
G16 = bitand(A,uint8(255-15));
imshow([G2 G4 G16])
% calculate 1-A
Ac = bitxor(A,255);




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