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how to find the tumor area using newton divided difference interpolation method?

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I have real images of brain tumor now i want to apply numerical methods like newton divided difference interpolation on that image to calculate the shape and size of tumor or to find the centre point of tumor area using same method. That is possible or not to apply this method. i have this image .
can anyone code this problem? i do not know how to apply this method or how to code. please
Tala on 18 Apr 2022
Are you limited to use newton divided difference interpolation? It would be a fairly straightforward task if you threshold and then count pixels. Let me know if you are interested in that, I will send you the code.

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Accepted Answer

Tala on 18 Apr 2022
Edited: Tala on 18 Apr 2022
you can combine somesteps in this code, but for educational purposes I have all the steps:
I0=imread('image.jpeg'); % read the image
I1=rgb2gray(I0); % grayscale
I2=I1>200; % threshold values above 200 (white)
I2 = imclearborder(I2); % you have a thick border around your image; this would eliminate the border
I3= bwareaopen(I2, 50); % removeing objects smaller than 50 pixels
I4=imfill(I3,'holes'); % filling the hole
stat= regionprops('table',I4,'Centroid','Area'); % geting area and centroid of the white object
hold on
plot(stat.Centroid(1),stat.Centroid(2),'r+'); % plot centroid
text(100,100, [ 'area in pixels= ' num2str(stat.Area)], 'Color', 'r','FontSize',14); % area

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