How can I change the value of a text field based on plot selection in MATLAB APP Designer?

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Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia on 11 Apr 2022
Answered: Kevin Holly on 12 Apr 2022
I have multiple tests with similar data I am plotting against one another.
Is it possible for me to get MATLAB APP Designer to populate a text field with test details based on the plot I click on or hover my mouse over?
I am using RMATLAB 2021b

Answers (1)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 12 Apr 2022
Please see the app attached.
You could create a callback function to the Axes by right clicking >Callbacks>Add UIAxesButtonDown callback.
In the example below (and app attached), I took the string from the axes title and place it in the edit field and label.
function UIAxesButtonDown(app, event)
app.EditField.Value = app.UIAxes.Title.String; % For edit field
app.Label.Text = app.UIAxes.Title.String; %For label

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