Embedded Coder for zynq UltraSCALE - Hardware Setup Error

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Iam following example: "Getting Started with Targeting Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Platform". I have connected board via ethernet directly to my PC, same with UART. Instaled latest drivers for "CP210x USB to UART Bridge", set all the Switches to designated positions for programing from SD Card and tried going with Setup for embadded coder. After instaling image onto SD Card and inserting it into SD card slot I try to move on yet I get Hardware Setup Error that states:
Undefined function 'loc_isConnected' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
Thank you in Advance

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Kamil Sawicki
Kamil Sawicki on 21 Apr 2022
So I got response from Matlab support, apparently there is a bug caused by latest update of Matlab 2022a. In order to fix this bug you are supposed to:
1. In the MATLAB command line, run the following: cd(matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot)
2. In the MATLAB command line, then run the following: cd('toolbox\target\supportpackages\shared_linuxservices\+matlabshared\+internal\+linuxhwsetup')
3. Rename the existing 'WindowsHardwareModule.p' to 'WindowsHardwareModule_bak.p'
4. Copy the 'WindowsHardwareModule.p' (that I have attached in this email) to the MATLAB you are currently in
5. Run the following in the MATLAB command line: rehash toolboxreset
6. Exit and restart MATLAB
This bug might occure with other boards. I got my hands on Zynq 702 and the error is the same.

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