create custom mouseover callback?

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sigguy90 on 6 Apr 2022
Answered: sigguy90 on 26 Apr 2022
I have a method to execute a custom callback function upon mouseover of scatter3 plotted points. Essentially, the function prints text in a text edit field of my app. This method relies on setting the UpdateFcn of the datacursormode for the entire figure. Now I would like to have two different axes in my figure, so that method won't work anymore. How can I create a custom callback for a mouseover interaction?
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Rik on 6 Apr 2022
You could use the window button motion, but you would have to make sure to put a fast check at the start of it to keep the performance reasonable. That way you can determine which axes the cursor is hovering over.

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sigguy90 on 26 Apr 2022
I implemented this using iptSetPointerBehavior. The datatips corresponding to each scatter3 object are created and stored. The helper function for pb.enterFcn then sets which datatips are enabled according to which axes is being moused over.

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