Can not connect to ThingSpeak MQTT broker using MQTT X Client

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I have a problem with the connection to thingspeak MQTT broker using MQTT x client. After pressing the "Connect" button after a few seconds connection is not set.
I have followed the instructions described in:
Below you can see the settings in the MQTT X client. ClientID, Username and Password I took from the credentials file which was created when I add a new MQTT device in thingspeak.
I have already checked the discussion with a similar problem, but I can not figure out what could be the source of the problem.
I would like to ask your help with this problem.
Thank you,
Levani Meskhiya

Accepted Answer

Vinod on 4 Apr 2022
If you're connecting over Secure MQTT, you need to use port 8883, not port 1883 as your screenshot shows.

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