What is the problem in this code?

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xs = 5*cos(2*pi*f0*n*Ts);
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Hassan Ali Shah
Hassan Ali Shah on 2 Jan 2015
it gives the error Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in Untitled (line 7) plot(n,abs(i(1:81)));

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Accepted Answer

Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman on 2 Jan 2015
Edited: Shoaibur Rahman on 2 Jan 2015
Your n has a length of 9, as n=0:8, so i will have length of 9 as well,and hence, you cannot write i(1:81). There are many ways to solve this. Here is one: replace n = 0:8 by n = linspace(0,8,length(f)). This will make both f and i of same length.
Also, although plot(f,abs(i(1:81))) works fine, but you can simply use plot(f,abs(i))
Another way may be: keep everything same, but write i = fft(xs,length(f)) . This will perform 81 point fft on xs. Again, you can use plot(f,abs(i))
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Hassan Ali Shah
Hassan Ali Shah on 2 Jan 2015
thanks dear. it worked.though both the ways are doing good,but your "another way" suits me more. thanks alot

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