How to create VRML Environment using Creo and import to VR Sink block

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I have modeled a robot assembly using creo and a environment having various shapes on the floor.
I can control the translation and rotation of the robot from Simulink by exporting the robot assembly to second generation XML File.
Now I wish to create a environment and place the robot within the created environment and interact with the robot.
Any help is appreciated !!! Thanks in advance
Feel free to clarify the question, so that you can help me better

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 24 Nov 2021
If you are going to model the environment in CREO, you should be able to import that into Simscape Multibody as well. That would be more efficient than putting that into a separate simulation environment or model. If you absolutely need VRML, Simulink 3D Animation can import a few different formats, but you will also have to get the robot definition in there as well.

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