How do I encode to a TMS320F28335 and see PWM signals live?

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I am running a PWM DC to DC converter using the TMS320F28335 digital signals processor on a TMDSPREX28335 mounting board. When I download the program, involving ADC PIDs and PWM blocks, the download will be successful but the transistors are stuck on or 100% duty cycle. If I switch the controller off and back on the circuit functions correctly but I am unable to view the values of the program with scopes because in the process of turning the controller off and back on the DSP loses communication with the DSP. The DSP is being powered and programmed through the USB.
Ryan Donovan
Ryan Donovan on 1 Apr 2022
After some googling I am not sure what you mean by build and monitor. Do you have any links to learn about how to do that? Also I’ve been downloading to the DSP by simply pressing the green circle with the arrow in it in case that means anything.

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Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi on 1 Apr 2022
Hello ryan,
As per your comment, you are able to run the model in external mode,then general the pwm signals As given below link
In given above link pls replace reapitative sequence With Repeating Sequence Interpolated
And at the end of logical operator connect scope On scope you can observe pwm signals
Thanks Pemendra Pardhi


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