How do you vertically concatenate the rows of a cell array consisting of vectors of numbers?

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I want to vertically concatenate the elements of a cell array so that, for example, an array that is 3 x 9 becomes 1 x 9. How do I do that? The following concatenates everything into one dimension, which isn't what I want:
L'O.G. on 30 Mar 2022
Edited: L'O.G. on 30 Mar 2022
Each element of the cell array contains an N x 1 vector where N is not necessarily the same for each vector and the elements of the vector are numbers with double precision.

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Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 30 Mar 2022
m = magic(3);
m = [m,m,m];
cac = num2cell(m); % sample data
arrayfun( @(ix) vertcat(cac{:,ix}), [1:9], 'uni',false )
ans = 1×9 cell array
{3×1 double} {3×1 double} {3×1 double} {3×1 double} {3×1 double} {3×1 double} {3×1 double} {3×1 double} {3×1 double}
Is this what you look for?

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 30 Mar 2022
Tru the following:
cellfun(@(x) cell2mat(x),num2cell(a,1),'uni',0)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Mar 2022
Output = arrayfun(@(ColIdx) vertcat(YourCell{:,ColIdx}), 1:size(YourCell,2), 'uniform', 0);


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