Rotation of 3d image

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John on 28 Dec 2014
Commented: John on 28 Dec 2014
I have plotted a 3d image. I want to rotate that on the plane along the vertical axis for one complete cycle automatically. Is there any function to do that?

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Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman on 28 Dec 2014
I am not sure what your aim is. You can try the following code:
for az = -37.5:5:322.5
Append this piece of code after your plot. In 3D, view(3) has azimuth = -37.5 and elevation = 30. So, keeping elevation fixed I change the azimuth for 360 degrees.
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John on 28 Dec 2014
Hey Shoaibur,
This works fine. I was thinking something like that.
Thank you.

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