Randomly create lower and upper of matrix separately.

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I would like to create a randomly lower triangle of the matrix, and then create an upper triangle of matrix separately. After that I want to compound both of these in one matrix. More deeply, I want to control each cell in both half matrix.
Abe on 28 Dec 2014
I meant above, I want to create a random number in each cell of the lower - matrix, and then separately do the same with upper-matrix. The conclusion will be I have 1/2 of matrix (Upper matrix) generated alone, and the other half (lower matrix) generated lonely too. So when add the 2 halves I see one matrix with keeping the same generated numbers. I hope now it's clear. Thank you for asking.

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Accepted Answer

Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman on 28 Dec 2014
l = tril(rand(m,n),-1); % lower triangle
u = triu(rand(m,n),1); % upper triangle
d = diag(rand(1,m),0); % diagonal elements
A = l+u+d % final matrix, combined all
If you don't want to generate the diagonal elements separately, then replace either -1 in lower triangle or 1 in upper triangle by 0, and then A = l+u

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