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How can I sense the 6 DOF force and torque between A rigid and B rigid in simscape? (A rigid and B rigid are rigidly connected)

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Hi, there! I'm doing a research on UAV cooperative transportation system. (two quadrotors and one payload, rigidly connected)
Due to the research, I want to measure the action force and reaction force between the payload and each quadrotor in Simscape.
I'm a newbie to Simscape, so I would be gratitude if you can offer some reference or tutorials. Thanks

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Raj on 27 Mar 2024
I understand you want to measure the action and reaction force between the payload and quadrotor. Below are the links you could refer to for a headstart
  1. Force and Torque Sensing-
  2. Simscape Multibody Contact Forces Library-
  3. Quadcopter Drone Model-
Also, I personally found Simscape Onramp helpful to get started with Simscape. You can also refer to it for a better understanding on how Simscape works.
I hope this helps and you are able to proceed further in your research!


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