I wanna define function which has flexible number of argument.

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Hello and happy new year!
Now I'm considering to define function which has flexible arguments.
For example, let's have function F which full argument number is 3 such as F(a,b,c)
If b is 0, user don't need to assign c thus F(a,b) is enough. Otherwise full argument assignment is required.
Can I make this kind of flexible function?

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Shoaibur Rahman
Shoaibur Rahman on 26 Dec 2014
Edited: Shoaibur Rahman on 26 Dec 2014
function out = F(varargin)
% do stuffs
% y = varargin{1}+varargin{2}
% out = y+1; etc.
For flexible number of outputs:
function varargout = F(varargin)
% do stuffs
% varargout{1} = varargin{1}-varargin{2}
% etc.
Dong-Gyu Jang
Dong-Gyu Jang on 30 Dec 2014
Oh, you're right. I've just not known varargin and used arbitary variable name. As the result, it was not operated! Thanks to your advice! my function is now upgraded:)

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