How to make workspace variables referenced in simevents blocks tunable parameters?

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I am working with a Simulink model which uses the Simevents toolbox for discrete-event simulation. The model is quite large, and takes a very long time to compile (~500 seconds). The execution of the model is relatively fast (~10 seconds). Since I need to do a lot of simulations with this model, I would like to implement fast restart, which would save huge amounts of time. However, some of the parameters that need to be changed between runs are non-tunable parameters. These are workspace variables that are referenced by the matlab code in many simevents blocks (like the event actions specified in an entity server block for example). Is there a way to make the event action matlab code in these Simevents blocks run with tunable parameters (so they can be updated in between runs without needing to recompile)?
I know it is possible to define a tunable parameter under a mask, which works for matlab fucntion blocks (which allow for explicit specification of their inputs). However, this does not seem to be possible for the matlab code in simevents blocks.

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Abdolkarim Mohammadi
Abdolkarim Mohammadi on 29 Mar 2022
Event actions cannot take tunable parameters. Instead, you can get the desired value from a Simulink function. The Simulink function can represent the variations in the parameter using different blocks like Ramp, Sine wave, etc.

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