Time-variying Map with Slider

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Murat Bektasoglu
Murat Bektasoglu on 25 Mar 2022
Answered: Kevin Holly on 29 Apr 2022
Hello. I have a dataset that changes over time. I am using this dataset to make a world map. What I want to do is instant change of the map created using a slider. After creating my data as below, I want to exchange this data with the dates they represent on the slider.But in the meantime, I couldn't figure out how to handle the dates in the slider bar. If I get the date value from the Slider bar, it will be very easy to associate it with the data of that date. Will you help me with this problem?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 29 Apr 2022
Place these commands in callback after loading the data_struct variable
% Convert structural array, data_struct, into a table
t = struct2table(data_struct);
% Read dates from table heading
dates = t.Properties.VariableNames;
% Convert to datetime
dates = datetime(dates,"Format","MMMMuuuu");
% Change datetime format
dates = datetime(dates,"Format","MMM-uuuu");
app.Slider.Limits = [1, length(dates)];
% app.Slider.MajorTicks = 1:1:length(dates);
% app.Slider.MajorTickLabels = string(dates);
app.Slider.MajorTicks = 1:5:length(dates); % you can adjust the increment to best suit your data
app.Slider.MajorTickLabels = string(dates(1:5:end));
app.Slider.MinorTicks = [];
For slider callback:

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